what polymaster do.
Polymaster design and manufacture a range of machines and equipment for the textile and cloth industries.

From roll to roll measuring and folding, to fabric inspection, cut length and panel cutting, Polymaster can provide the right solution for your business' needs.

- Fabric Rolling
- Cloth Cutting
- Fabric Measuring
- Textile Folding
- Material Inspection
- Worsted, Silk, PVC, Velvet, Cotton
- Cloth and Fabric Stock Control

Polymaster manufacture support equipment for RFID asset tracking.

Use a single portal or create a full network of portals to track products, components and people within any environment.

Our modular RFID portal system means components can be easily bolted together and the electronic hardware required for reading RFID is quickly bolted to the frames.

Assembly is simple and provides maximum flexibility to achieve optimum read signals for your assets.
camera & scanning Tech.
Modern camera technology allows Polymaster to create advanced vision systems for visual recognition.

Utilising the latest cameras with programmable vision software Polymaster can create products that recognise shapes and patterns and react according to the pre-programmed software.

This enables us to create precision cutting and product recognition solutions.

As machine fabricators Polymaster are experienced in manufacturing. We also produce shelving, racking, conveyor and packaging equipment.

Textile transfer and storage can provide a more efficient fabric warehouse and improve health and saftey in the workplace by eliminating lifting and providing a physical link between departments.

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e: info@polymaster.co.uk
T: +44 (0) 1484 847 464

polymaster news.

- RFID Portal page showing our modular portals is here!

- Eight PM-III machines ordered for Saudi Arabia.

- Two more custom Inspection Machines on order.

- Polymaster are currently manufacturing a heavy duty wide width PM-IV for 330cm cloth to be delivered over to Liverpool soon.

- Another IM compact inspection machine successfully installed in Holmfirth.

- We seem to be having a surge on orders for our cloth trolleys, cloth cradles and cloth laying up tables. After all an organised warehouse with the right equipment helps speed things up and help reduce heavy lifting!!

- New order for one of our excellent cloth inspection machines. Take a look at the IM Machine.

- A PM-II fabric rolling and cutting machine just ordered for delivery to the South of England.

- Another PM-IV cutting machine with automatic edge guidance on it's way to cut fabric in Scotland.

- Six PM-III's ordered for UK based customer for fabric cutting and measuring.

- PM-IV fabric rolling and fabric cutting machine ready for transport to Castleford and another will soon be ready to go to the south of England.

- Specialist IMR being built for a custom application rolling plastics from airshaft with safety chucks to powered rollers for cut length and inspection of chemical and biohazard suit material.

- We have two specialist CL-A machines getting ready for testing, one into Belgium the other to the Southwest of England.

- A PM-III fabric cutting machine will be on its way to Scotland very soon, and we have just taken an order for another custom machine for a composites company.

- Due to other commitments Polymaster will not be attending Heimtextil 2013 in Frankfurt. It will be the first time in many years we haven't attended the show but we thought we should let potential visitors know.

- Large custom made PM-IV type machine being built for Germany.

- Work begins on an AM panel cutting and PM-IV rolling machines for a company in Singapore

- IM cloth inspection machine on it's way to Scotland shortly

- Two PM-IV rolling machines ordered for a company in Dewsbury

- Two block to block from our CL range of machines for rolling folded suit cloth from board to board just in manufacture. One for Scotland another for the Midlands!

- A specialist integration just ordered for an insulation manufacturer for automatic cutting and measuring.

- Large IMR type machine specifically designed for a customer in Keighley

- All singing and dancing PM-IV going to Stockport very soon complete with touch screen interface

- Another PM-II in Holland

- One of our CL folding machines just arrived in London.

- Polymaster are on YouTube with our own channel.

- Order for a new PM-IV going to Italy.

- Polymaster's latest video showing our new Stock Control and Cut Length System is now on the home page.

- Order for a new PM-IV going to the USA.

- Order for a new PM-II for the UK.

- Production starts on two specialist rolling, measuring, cutting and slitting machines with airshafts and safety chucks. incorporating crush cutters and tension control system.

- PM-III on it's way to Belgium.

- Our PM-II and PM-III models are on their way out of the workshop in the next week to Hertfordshire and Nottinghamshire respectively.

- Happy New Year!! Need a Trumeter replacement counter or require a custom size then visit Metermaster and buy online.

Polymaster UK Ltd, Unit 19 Upper Mills, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD7 5HA t: +44 (0) 1484 847 464 e: info@polymaster.co.uk