Polymaster's modular portals can be created to house a whole host of RFID reading equipment including RFID antennae, RFID readers, directional readers, relevant power supplies, and PC hardware if required.The examples below show the modular nature of our portals and the ease at which they can be adapted. All componenets can be specified to be IP rated if required.

RFID Asset Tracking Portal

Low Height RFID Portal.

Ideal for tracking assets at lower heights such as trays or pallets of goods or personnel. Can be fitted with a series of RFID antennae, the relevant readers and power supplies are stored in a modular enclosure with access door.

Mid Height RFID Portal

Low to Mid Height RFID Portal.

Tracking assets at height is made simple with the modular design of our portals. The frames simply bolt together to create a high sided portal that can be fitted with further antannae to create an expanded reading field. Ideal for tracking trolleys, forklift trucks and trailers.

Large RFID Portal

Modular RFID Portal For Height & Additional Readers Positioned Above.

Depending on the asset being tracked, it may be necessary to position antennae above as well as to the side of the portal. This is again achieved with a simple bolt on section that carries extra antennae and doubles as a cable carrier to ensure communication cables are positioned safely out of the way.

Specification & options available on RFID Portals.

Our RFID portals and tracking systems are built around a modular design and can be customised with options to suit a series of applications.

Directional Sensors

To identify which way an asset is travelling, either in or out of a warehouse or delivery bay for example.

Additional Antennae

Antennae can be added as required for operation at height or to point down from above for a more consistant signal coverage.


We can add an interface to the portals to display information.

Barriers & Guarding

To ensure your RFID systems are protected against fork trucks and vehicles Polymaster can fit barriers and guarding as required.