If you have the requirement to roll fabric from one roll to another, whether the reason is for inspection, measuring, cut length or just to improve the roll presentation, the task without a powered rolling machine is exceedingly difficult. The PM range comprises three machine models for roll to roll applications to aid measuring, inspection, cut length and general roll presentation.

All machines can roll cloths up to 180cm wide. Wider width versions of the PM-III and PM-IV are available and can roll up to 330cm wide.

PM-II Cloth Rolling Machine


The PM-II is our most compact and economical machine and even in it's most basic form, this low cost, easy to operate machine is ideal for the small warehouse or retail unit.

Simple to load, the operator just places the cloth in the rear cradle of the machine and threads the material through to the drive rollers at the front.

PM-III Cloth Rolling Machine


For production levels of fabric rolling and cut length work, this machine is the ideal 'workhorse' for many warehouse and distribution companies. It has become an essential component of the process.

The speed and ease of use, together with a superb range of options will enable you to streamline any roll to roll cut length operation. Available in sizes to handle up to 3.3 metre wide materials and ideal for all fabric cutting operations.

PM-IV Cloth Rolling Machine


Built to advance even further the quality of roll presentation. This machine allows the operator to inspect while processing fabric. This is made possible due to the automatic control of the final length measurement and edge guidance keeping the cloth roll straight.

This state of the art machine gives the best possible presentation for your products. Available in sizes to handle fabrics up to 3.3 meters in width. Ideal for all types of fabric cutting.

Custom Machines


We are open to designing and building a machine or machines to fit customer requirements. Linking with your existing WMS or using our software partner to create a system for you, our machines can link directly to your order platform.

Shown here is a custom machine example in a brand new warehouse environment. Linked with the customers WMS and fed via an automated storage & retrieval conveyor system for maximum warehouse efficency and order accuracy.


All PM machines have additional options that are available to help in cut length, inspection & tension control.

Basic or Hoogs Cross Cutter

Two cross cutters are available either our basic or Hoog branded cutter. Whichever you choose it is mounted on a bearing track and slid across by the operator for a straight cut.

Digital MM-I or MM-II Measuring Counter

Manufactured by Polymaster. Choose the MM-I to show you a measurement on screen or the MM-II to be able to pre-set a measurement and have the machine stop automatically for you!

Full Reverse System & Lazy Loop Tension Control

A second motor can be added to the rear of the machine to enable a full reverse capability. This is ideal for inspection work when a piece may need to be rolled back to rectify a fault. We can also take this a step further and use the motor as a tension control device to prevent stretch on elastic fabrics for more acccurate measurement.

Overhead & Under Surface Lights

To help inspection & QC work we can add overhead lights to shine down onto the cloth inspection surface and add and under surface light box to illuminate the cloth from below.

Laser Line Cutter Guide

Adding a laser line can help the operator align patterned cloth to the cut line to help get a straight cut along the pattern.

Vacuum Clamp System

The vacuum clamp holds the cloth in place at the cut line and along with the laser line helps the operator manipulate the pattern of a piece to be straight on the cut line.

Oscillation Feature on Edge Guidance (PM-IV Only)

This feature oscillates the cloth roll left and right as it rolls to help prevent build up on a heavy selvedge. This keeps the roll tight along the width.

Inclined Inspection Surface

To aid the view while inspecting cloth the inspection surface can be inclined. We can have this as a fixed incline or adjustable from flat to 20 degrees.

Velvet Pile Brush

To help with the roll presentation of velvets you can choose the brush option to fit under the power rollers of the machine. This helps brush the pile in the same direction as it is rolled through.