The IM range of machines takes the inspection and QC capabilities of the PM Range to the next level with a dedicated pair of machines designed for inspection of fabric only.


Polymaster has long since seen the requirement for a full Inspection Machine, which can meet the exacting needs of fabric quality assessment without the traditional over complication.

The result is simple to set up, operate and at a price that ensures a quick return on investment. The polymaster design of modular construction allows you to specify a unit, in size and options, to meet your exact requirements, from basic examination to in-depth detailed fault data collection. Coupled with our Fault Logging Software the IM is a powerful inspection machine capable of producing detailed reports and able to link to external cutting software.

With automatic edge-guidance as standard, roll presentation is always at its best.

Also available as the full size IMR inspection machine the IM-Range offers unrivalled inspection surface area and high levels of illumination.


The IMR is a full size inspection machine allowing the operator to get extremely close to the inspection surface of the machine.

With full edge guidance the IMR allows the operator to concentrate on the inspection job in hand safe in the knowledge the material will be rolled perfectly in the powered rollers behind them.

Also available in a compact format as The IM inspection machine.


All IM machines have additional options that are available to help with inspection & tension control.

Digital MM-I or MM-II Measuring Counter

Manufactured by Polymaster. Choose the MM-I to show you a measurement on screen or the MM-II to be able to pre-set a measurement and have the machine stop automatically for you!

Full Reverse System & Lazy Loop Tension Control

A second motor can be added to the rear of the machine to enable a full reverse capability. This is ideal for inspection work when a piece may need to be rolled back to rectify a fault. We can also take this a step further and use the motor as a tension control device to prevent stretch on elastic fabrics for more acccurate measurement.

Overhead & Under Surface Lights

To help inspection & QC work we can add overhead lights to shine down onto the cloth inspection surface and add and under surface light box to illuminate the cloth from below.

Oscillation Feature on Edge Guidance

This feature oscillates the cloth roll left and right as it rolls to help prevent build up on a heavy selvedge. This keeps the roll tight along the width.

End Of Cloth Sensor

Stop the machine automatically at the end of the roll so you can tag on the next piece.