Although Polymaster's core business is the design and manufacture of actual machinery we also produce all the additional items required to create a slick warehousing operation.

The various rolling, folding and inspection machines we produce can help increase quality control and efficiency for getting product out of the door but it is also crucial that these machines are fed quickly and efficiently. The items shown in this section give an idea of the things that can be created to feed the machinery side of your business efficiently, with minimal strain on the operator, upping production and lowering lead times on orders.

Fabric Carousel System

Rotating Carousel Storage & Transfer Units.

Taking full advantage of space available in a warehouse can be difficult but is essential in order to maximise storage and increase efficiency. A rotating carousel can act as either a storage unit for cloth rolls to take advantage of building height or can provide goods transfer & storage between departments using a mezzanine floor setup. This has proven successful in cut length operations where stock is held on one floor and the order processing is done on another. This maximises warehouse space and creates an efficient workflow between departments.

Fabric Conveyor Trolley


This unit provides easy transportation of fabric rolls between departments as a wheeled version or acts as a roller conveyor when fixed to the floor. It helps limit heavy lifting for operators and/or warehousing staff and is set at a height which makes cloth rolls easy to load on and off most Polymaster machinery.

Fabric Roller Trolley


This cradle uses free running rollers mounted on bearings to hold cloth rolls for transportation and off-rolling purposes. Ideal for customers who like to lay out cloth onto a long table and cut.

Simply place the cloth into the cradle, position at the end of a laying up table and pull the cloth onto the table top. The bearing mounted rollers allow the cloth to rotate freely in the cradle and the addition of wheels makes it very portable.

Cloth Lay Up Table


Our laying up tables provide a solution for customers who want to lay out large lengths of cloth for cutting, pattern cutting and stacking of cloth. Built to customers' requirements we can also manufacture with a gradual angle to make cloth rolling easier.

Honeycomb Cloth Storage System


Our specialist honeycomb racking system allows each roll to have it's own location within the rack preventing any crushing from the weight of other rolls and meaning the roll is easy to remove and replace into it's location. We can provide full honeycomb systems or hybrid versions with stillage storage as shown. When combined with our stock control system each location is tagged giving each piece it's own individual location within the warehouse.

Porcupine Cloth Storage System


To prevent fabric rolls from touching a surface or each other when being stored is almost impossible unless you have the right storage system, and with the Polymaster "Porcupine" system...you do!

This system is useful for any fabric that can become damaged when stored conventionally under it's own weight. Velvets are a common issue but any cloth with a heavy pile can become affected and marked when stored on normal shelving systems. All cloth is mounted centrally on the "Porcupine" system through the tube the cloth is rolled around. This ensures the roll is suspended and the cloth itself never touches a surface.