The CL range takes full width rolls and folds them in half onto boards or tubes. Available with manual edge guidance or automatic edge guidance the CL range produce accurate folded cloth at speed. We also have a machine for measuring out folded pieces for cut length work.

CL Compact Folding Machine


Available for roll widths up to 330cm the CL-Compact takes up less floor space using a mounting spindle for the roll. Manual or automatic edge guidance features are available along with other options to aid cut length work.

CL Folding Machine


The CL utilises a 6-roller cradle for the cloth rolls and has the option of spindle mounting. Slightly larger in footprint the CL uses either a manual or automatic edge guidance system with options available for cut length.

CL Folding Machine


This is the latest model in the CL range and utilises a full automatic edge guidance and tension control system along with guide roller A-frame. This machine is self aligning and guiding and is ideally suited for cut length work as well as full piece folding.

CL Full Scale Folding Machine


This machine allows already folded cloth to be rolled from boards and measured to create cut lengths. Ideal for taking cut length orders from stock rolls.

The MM-I counter allows simple and accurate measurement of the cloth and the pneumatic arms make it easy to load and unload. The specialised vacuum system keeps the cloth in place while allowing adjustment to ensure a straight cut along the cloth weft with the rotary cutter.


All CL machines have additional options that are available to help in cut length & tension control.

Basic or Hoog Cross Cutter

Two cross cutters are available either our basic or Hoog branded cutter. Whichever you choose it is mounted on a bearing track and slid across by the operator for a straight cut.

Digital MM-I or MM-II Measuring Counter

Manufactured by Polymaster. Choose the MM-I to show you a measurement on screen or the MM-II to be able to pre-set a measurement and have the machine stop automatically for you!

Full Reverse System & Lazy Loop Tension Control

A second motor can be added to the rear of the machine to enable a full reverse capability. This is ideal for inspection work when a piece may need to be rolled back to rectify a fault. We can also take this a step further and use the motor as a tension control device to prevent stretch on elastic fabrics for more acccurate measurement.

Laser Line Cutter Guide

Adding a laser line can help the operator align patterned cloth to the cut line to help get a straight cut along the pattern.